Preventative Care

Preventative Care Services are the most important services provided. Early detection is the key to avoiding costly dental treatment. Our preventative services create healthy smiles that will last a lifetime. Regular exams and cleanings will keep your smile clean and healthy. Amanda, Diana and Amy, our trained hygienists, thoroughly clean your teeth and screen for tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer and other harmful conditions. We use digital x-rays instead of traditional to identify cavities and other abnormalities. Digital radiography uses 90% less radiation and creates images immediately on our chairside screens.
Preventative Services we offer:

  •  Cleaning or Hygiene
  •  Dental Sealants
  •  Regular Checkups
  •  Patient Education
  •  Nightguards
  •  Sports Mouthguards
  •  Breath Treatment
  •  ViziLight Plus® - the Vizilite Plus system is a test that assists us in looking for abnormalities that might lead to oral cancer. Using a combination of a mouth rinse and a specially designed light, the entire test takes a couple of minutes and is painless and noninvasive.